Man Who Carried Groceries To Apartment In One Trip Set To Fight God Tomorrow

Rochester,NY- James Lynfield always knew he was strong, with constant compliments being tossed his way by his mother and aunts, he knew he was special. So when he returned home from a quick trip to wegmans, he saw a challenge presented to him. He had thirteen bags of groceries in his car, could he successfully carry them up in one trip to his apartment. James put all of his strength together and to his astonishment he pulled it off. With this new found confidence, James has now set his sights on a bigger challenge. He has set to face off against God tomorrow. We were able to get an exclusive interview with God and how he has taken this challenge.

“You know, I blessed people with different things, I knew when I made James that I was giving him supernatural strength, I guess I never expected it to backfire on me. I have to admit I am a little bit nervous, he had a bag filled with five jars of tomato sauce and he picked it up with ease! I mean, I know I can move mountains and what not, but come on, thats pretty impressive. Either way, We’ll see how this plays out.”


Editor’s note: It seems that James has suffered a fatal heart attack only moments before the big showdown.

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