Chemex Really Getting Into Choker Fetish With New Leather Band

Rochester,NY-  Local chemex has grown accustomed to pain, constantly having gallon after gallon of hot water slowly being poured on it day in and day out. Yet, now with an introduction of  a tight leather band around its neck, it seems as if the chemex is growing accustomed to pain and even finding it somewhat, pleasurable. We spoke with it to see how this came to be.

” You know, there was a time where I just hated every morning, hot water being poured all over me, being filled up with coffee and then just as quickly being poured out. I felt used, yet now I find myself enjoying some of this behavior. My owner recently just purchased this leather band, which he says is for making sure he doesn’t drop me. I know its to just remind me of the bad little coffee-making bitch I am. I love the way it feels around my neck, I hope he steps up his game next time and stops being a little bitch and really chokes the shit out of me”

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