Guy Holding Dead Deer In Tinder Profile Doesn’t Understand Why He Cant Find A Date

Rochester,NY- David Steinfield has been on Tinder for the past six months with only an occasional like here and there, he’s frustrated, alone and doesnt understand whats going wrong. Seen in his profile picture David is holding a recently deceased buck that he himself killed. He felt that holding this dead animal covered in blood would be the perfect trick for nabbing some successful dates with some of the girls located on the R.I.T Campus. We spoke with David to see how he is dealing with this frustration.

” You know, I’ve heard Tinder was a great hook up app and I just thought to myself that there were so many bitches to be slayed and I knew just how to get them. Nothing gets girls more interested in yah than holding some freshly innocent deceased animal that you just slayed for no other reason than posting a picture about it on your Facebook page”

David has informed us at this current time he has no tinder dates lined up and he is hoping is foray into craigslist personals will bring him more luck.

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