Rat leader to give empowering speech of systematic takedown of Chinese restaurants

Rochester, NY- Two beloved local Chinese restaurants have shut down within the past week. Rochester locals are stunned and quite frankly, grossed out. The restaurants were both shut down due to a rodent infestation.  Sources have confirmed that the local rodent gang leader of the gang known as the “Rochester Ratz Association” is poised to give an empowering speech thanking his brethren rodents about the success of shutting down the two restaurants. We spoke with the leader to get a sense of what his speech is going to entail.

” You know I was starting to lose hope, we’ve been having daily operations going at Chen garden and The Honk Kong house for the past seven years straight. I mean you would have thought they would have been shut down by now. I remember poor Charlie was in a high stakes operation back in 2012 at Chen, the inspector was in the kitchen and we sent Charlie to run along the countertop, right when he was about to be noticed one of the cooks threw him into a stir-fry. May his death not be in vain anymore.”

We asked the gang what are there next targets and they said they are going for “Yummy Garden” and pretty much every Papa Johns ever in the Irondequoit area.



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