Local Comedian Makes “Comedian” Facebook Page Knowing Stardom Is In Sight

Rochester,NY- local comedian Michael Colon knows that after putting in two and half years of hard work at local open mics and comedy shows, it’s time to take the leap of faith and make an official “Comedian” Facebook page to let everyone know how good he is and really just allow the massive fan base he already has to follow his comedic adventures. We spoke with Michael to get a sense of how his life is going to change when he finally launches this Facebook page.

“You know, I just realized at some point that I was meant for stardom, that one time I killed it at a local open mic with half of my friends and family being in the audience, I knew that was when I really needed to step up my game and take this comedy thing a little more seriously than I was. By launching this Facebook page, my loyal fans can follow me and know where I’m performing next. Whether it’s from the humble grounds of Firehouse saloon to the Big city of the Canandaigua V-pub. My followers want to see me at different locations repeating the same jokes over and over again, I know it and I can’t wait for this.

Michael has also announced that every month he will be releasing a generic picture of himself alongside the various locations within a 20 mile radius that he’ll be performing at.


Edit: Michael has just informed us he will be starting a very unique twitter account called MichaelColoncomedian69 which will be strictly comedic material based on his everyday life experience.

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