Inner Loop Blogger Brendan Vize Really Needs To Write An Article

Rochester,NY-The Inner loop, by very low standards has been considered a success of somewhat. A local blog making fun of local things, written by mainly local people. Whats not to love? With a great supply of writers, Lane Mcfaddin, Ben Floss, Shane Allen, Kyle Baker, Sam Libutti, Vince louis and Michael Colon. The Inner Loop has been able to produce and promote some pretty great “original” content! Yet, there is one writer on the Inner Loop staff who has to produce anything of substance. That shallow shell of a man is Brendan Vize.

Brendan Vize has yet to write an article worth anything. Sure, he’s written an article here or there, but he has yet to write an article to WOW the crowd, a home run of sorts if you will. He dabbles in procrastination and bathes himself in denial. Brendan Vize really needs to write an article, not just for the Inner Loop, but honestly, for himself. He needs to know that he is worth something, that’s he’s not just a bad punchline after punchline. That Brendan Vize is a funny guy. He has what it takes to address the masses and make them laugh.

So we are asking the good folks and fans of the Inner Loop, please help us bring our friend Brendan Vize back. Lets him bring back to a world of hope, joy, love and compassion. He has slowly slipped into an abyss filled with constant irony and cynical jokes to cover his insecurity. Brendan Vize is a hero, a hero waiting for the call. That call is to write a f***ing article for the Inner Loop or we’re seriously going to kick you out of our Facebook chat.



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