Man Receives George Michael’s Final Gift, A Heart Transplant. Immediately Gives It Away.

The World- It is with great pain that we have seen a beloved music icon pass away at such a young age. On christmas day we lost George Michael. Yet for one fan, this was a momentous day, he was finally going to receive a fresh heart, not just any heart, but a heart from his favorite musician, George Michael. Yet, for some reason unknown to us, only with 48 hours of receiving this brand new heart, the fan decided to give it away to another person in need. We spoke with Jared Nelson about his rash decision.

” You know, I couldn’t even tell you how excited I was when I heard that I was receiving a brand new heart from one of my biggest idols of all time! The chance, the timing, everything seemed perfect, but I can’t quite explain it, after having his heart in me for only a couple of hours, it just didn’t feel like the way I thought it would. I guess the idea of loving George Michael, was better than actually loving George Michael.

Jared gave away his George Michael heart to a young boy who was quoted saying that Jared will always be a “Fathe figure” to him.

This story is a %100 real.

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