Woman With Blue Hair Swears She’s Emotionally Stable

Rochester,NY- Jessica Nichols has decided to take a stand against stereotypes and stigmas, she knows that people tend to look down on people who have “eccentric” hair and they claim to be less stable than others, but Jessica is here to end that claim. We were able to get a personal interview with her at her studio apartment where the phrase “You are loved” is poorly written on her wall. This is what Jessica had to say for herself.

“First off, I want to thank you for interviewing me to help me clear the air on this topic and I just want to make this clear that it was my idea to do this interview and not yours, I am my own person and controlled by my own actions. I colored my hair blue to show who I really am, I am a unique person and in this crazy earth controlled by men, I will let the universe know that I am one with her and I am connected to it. I mean how could anyone think that god would or whatever created us would be a man? Women are the creators of life and if need be, the destroyers. This hair represent more than a color, it represents a unity of fighting oppression of the color that seeks to destroy us…

At this point Jessica just kind of went off track and decided that she really needed to post a picture on instagram of a person becoming a tree or some bullshit with a quote of nature being apart of us or something.

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