5 Ways The Silent Disco Can Save Your Marriage

Rochester, NY-  Fringe Festival is upon us and it is the season of the arts! As well all know art is subjective, people can take a life changing experience from a piece of art or they can walk away feeling nothing! The silent disco is by far one of the most popular events at the fringe festival, for good reason! Its fun, its crazy and its different! Yet did you know that the silent disco can actually save your failing marriage? Dont trust us? Listen to these 5 reasons the silent disco can save your marriage.

1) You Can Say Passive Aggressive Comments- Need we say more? While your significant other is rocking out to George Michael’s “Careless whisper”, you can mouth to them how much you hate their nasty snoring habit! Or maybe let them know you threw out their favorite shirt in a fit of rage! Anything goes! They can’t hear you!

2) You Can “Accidentally” Knock Them To The Ground- Oh! I’m sorry! Were you doing the electric slide? I was listening to the Cha Cha slide is what you will say after you knock your significant other to the ground! Didnt that feel great? You’ll both laugh it off, but now you can finally put behind the fact they never close the bathroom door all the way! Success!

3) You Can Forget About The Kids, Seriously Forget Them-  Headphones and nagging wives are the ultimate sound blockers. When you can’t hear anything, its kind of hard to remember anything. Sure you brought the kids, but where are they now? They stare at their Ipad all day and forget about you, it’s about time you do it to them. Who cares if you’re kinds are getting in strangers van! I want candy just came on and you have to dance!

4) Tell Them You Want A Divorce- What a better time to live out that fantasy of leaving your significant other than when they can’t hear you! Make it interesting and drop to one knee as if you’re trying to be funny! The just rip into them about how sad this marriage makes you and you’re just not happy anymore!

5) Commit To A Year Round Silent Disco- You’ve experienced the silent disco at its finest and now you want more. This is a great time to sit down with your partner and let them know that you think you want to commit to a year round silent disco and not speak or hear from eachother for a whole year! This will do wonders for your marriage!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this! We hope everyone can make it to the silent disco this year!

*Editors Note*

Every member at the Inner Loop are still single.


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