Michael Keaton Visting Rochester In Just One Continuous Shot

Rochester, NY- News broke quickly of Michael Keaton coming to our neck of the woods to introduce a screening of “Beetlejuice”. Needless to say many Rochesterians are quite excited about this for obvious reasons, it’s not often we receive an actor who most people thought was dead until his most recent success of being in Birdman. A movie where he played a character who had one hit movie and most people thought was dead until he made a comeback in a popular movie. The most impressive thing about Michael Keaton visiting Rochester is that he plans to do it one continuous shot! We spoke with Michael to get a little insight on how all of this is going to go down and what Rochesterians can expect!

” When I first heard I was going to Rochester, I knew that I wanted to make it as short of a trip as humanly possible, So I spoke with my good friend Academy award winner Alejandro González Iñárritu and he is actually going to direct this whole experience, we’ve been finding a lot of dark alleyways to go down to create the sense of continuity, but in reality we are just going to recruit four homeless guys to play drums on trash cans very loudly to create a sense of panic to keep the audience distracted from obvious edits”

At this point during the interview Alejandro González Iñárritu popped out of the shadows, it seemed that he was disguised as a table full of Kraft foods in order to create the perfect shot for the continuous “one take” shot. When we asked Alejandro González Iñárritu  if he understood that this technically wasn’t going to be “one-take” since they were taking breaks, this what he had to say.

“Life is like an ocean, sometimes the waves roll in strong and fierce. Sometimes they stay completely still. Like the ocean, you truly never know what to expect and you will not always be there to see it. Even though we cannot see the things that happen, we know in our heart that they have happened. El amor es una mariposa y yo soy paloma desnuda.”

Alejandro González Iñárritu  jumped into the air and turned into a large animatronic bird, he flew down and scooped up Michael Keaton into the sky into what we can only imagine is the ultimate “one-take” shot.


*Editors Note*

For our non-Spanish readers  El amor es una mariposa y yo soy paloma desnuda
means  Love is a butterfly and I am a naked dove.

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