Sheltered White Girl Not Sure If Black Guys Are Yelling Or Just Talking To Eachother

Rochester, NY-  Alice Genter is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the city, she knew when she moved here, that she would be in for a good amount of culture shock. We spoke with Alice on how she think’s shes adjusting to the city life so far.

“I’ve really been enjoying Rochester, there are so many different sites to see and a lot of really cool local eateries! It’s so much better than going to the same bar over and over again underneath that bowling alley where my ex-boyfriend and I went to second base.”

There is always a dark side to the big city, Alice informed us on a  problem that has been haunting her.

” I always get really nervous when I’m walking near these two black guys who live near my apartment building! I can honestly never tell if there having a friendly conversation or they’re about to engage in some sort of hostile activities! It’s very unsettling!”

When we asked Alice if she had ever thought about approaching those gentlemen and simply getting to know them, she replied “Oh god no! I’m way too casually racist and timid to ever approach them and get to know them on a deeper level as opposed to stereotype them!”

At the point during the interview, two black men drove by us, Alice proceeded to scream “Thugs” and ran into her apartment building on park avenue.

*Editors Note*

We have information that Alice’s husband is a police officer who is currently under investigation for the shooting of two unarmed minorities, which he has stated “They were totally asking for it by looking too ethnic.”

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