Psychic Accidently Reads Her Own Mind

Rochester, NY-  It was just another normal day for Anna Jensen, until the unthinkable happened. Her own skill had backfired on her, for years Anna made a living reading the minds of others and helping them understand what was in their future. ” I always knew I had a gift when I was younger, my father use to tell me all the time that I was must have been a mind reader because I think I know everything! So it kind of hit me one day that, I really do know everything and I should use that power to charge people an insane amount of money for it!”

Anne had known that she could read other people’s minds, but she never thought she could read her own, ever since the incident, she’s had trouble coping with it.

” It was just another morning, I was getting ready for another customer and all of a sudden I heard something, it said, wow I can’t believe people actually pay me for this shit, and I realized I was alone! So I thought maybe there were spirits living in the walls and I just heard their spirit thoughts, then I heard another voice say, there are no spirits here you f***ing idiot. It was then I realized, I was reading my own mind! It was frightening! I cant believe how many thoughts I have on a daily basis or that I have any at all!”

Anna stopped speaking with us and titled her down, she started holding her forehead as if she was in pain.

“Wait, I feel another thought coming…it’s saying…hold on..It’s saying that this could be the dumbest thing I’ve done yet and I’ve done a whole lot of stupid shit.

Anna started muttering to herself saying “what else, what to me!”

“It’s saying that I’m filled with guilt on a daily basis and my entire life’s work is a lie, this is the reason my parents stopped talking to me, I take advantage of people who honestly just need some guidance and motivational talk, than some drunk asshole whose never figured out her life and continues to profit on the misery of others! Wow! This is so exciting, I’m going to need a lot of time to sort though all these thoughts of mine and figure out what I’m trying to tell myself!”

Editors Note*

Last we heard of Anna Jensen, she gave up her psychic days and now lives like a normal person who just deals with their emotions and lives with a ton of regret.



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