Guy With Insanely Hot Girlfriend Struggles With Confidence

Rochester, NY-  Jeremy Langdon has been dealing with some new struggles that he’s not quite sure how to deal with. Jeremy met his current girlfriend Lindsey Tariz six months ago, he knew right away that she was the best thing to ever happen to him, but deep down he also knew that she was way too f***ing hot for him.

We spoke with Jeremy to see how he’s handling this clearly tough situation. “It’s weird yah know? Like one day I feel good about everything and the next day I feel like I just won a million dollars! I never thought I would be the guy with a hot girlfriend!, I remember sitting around campfires at night with my boys just dreaming of the day I could have a super hot girlfriend that I could reduce to a lust object to show off to all my friends!”

Jeremy’s Facebook pages is littered with constant pictures of him and Lindsey, He knows that any day he could go back to being the single guy with average looks and a decent sense of humor. We spoke with Lindsey to get her perspective on things, “I think Jeremy is crazy, I think he works very hard every day to earn my love and to keep it! Plus I’ve always wanted to have one those boyfriends you see in Judd Apatow movies, kind of goofy looking but his humor and heart always win over the girl!”

Jeremy has noticed some positive changes in his life,” Pretty much everything is better now! I mean whenever I’m having an off day, I look at the lock screen/home screen of my iPhone and see that cute picture of Lindsey and I thats also my facebook profile picture and I just know that I’m part of a rare group of males on planet earth.

I know its going to be an adjustment period getting used to this new-found confidence based in my girlfriend and in no way attached to any sort of inner security. But I know as long as I can convince her to be with me, I can at least be known as the guy who has one good thing going for him.


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